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If you’d like to make a booking by telephone, or if you have particular questions or request, please get in touch with us on the number below.

+43 3152 77 03 77

If you have any problems during your stay, for instance, with checking in, you can also reach us on this number 24 hours a day:

+43 3152 77 03 77

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Here’s how to find us

It’s not difficult to get to us. In fact, we think we’re easier to find than to leave! The entrance to the Quartier am Bauernstadl is just around the corner, in Bindergasse.

Bindergasse 13
8330 Feldbach

Arriving by car

If you’re coming from Graz, take the Gleisdorf exit from the motorway and then Bundesstraße 68 towards Feldbach. If you’re coming from Vienna on the A2, leave it at Ilz and take Bundesstraße 66. Drive into Feldbach town centre. Before you reach the main square, turn right into Bismarckstraße and then immediately left into Ringstraße. The Quartier am Bauernstadl will be 200 metres ahead of you.


Of course we provide you free parking lots close to the hotel.

Arriving by train

Feldbach can be reached by train from Graz in about one hour. When you arrive at the station, you can either be collected by taxi or take the 10 to 15 minute walk into the town centre. Cross the main square, keep left and turn into Bürgergasse. You’ll find the Quartier am Bauernstadl at Höhe Bürgergasse 2.

Arriving by bus

A number of buses travel to Feldbach. The bus station is to the north of the main square, which you will then need to cross. Keep left and turn into Bürgergasse. You’ll find the Quartier am Bauernstadl at Bürgergasse 2.

Arriving by dinghy

The Raab is a beautiful river, but only partially navigable. If you’re arriving by dinghy, you can be sure of a welcome from the regional press as well as us. In spite of this, we recommend that you choose a different form of transport.

Visit us,
as you like.


We try to anticipate your every wish and answer all your questions before you have asked them. However, sometimes a quick overview doesn’t do any harm, either.

Booking and Checking In

Which Coronavirus measures are in place?

Find all Information on our Coronavirus-Page.

How do I make a booking?

Bookings are easy to make via our website and many wellknown booking platforms. However, you can also simply send us an email or call us with the preferred dates for your stay.

If you make a more spontaneous decision to come to the Quartier am Bauernstadl, you can book an apartment round the clock via our checkin machines in the foyer – as long as rooms are available.

How do I check in?

There is a checkin machine in the foyer of the Quartier am Bauernstadl, which will take you through the checkin process step by step. All you need is your booking confirmation.
If you have any problems, you can also simply drop by the Bauernstadl Regionalmarkt, or call +43 3152 77 03 77 at any time.

When can I check in?

Thanks to the vending machine, check-in is possible all around the clock. Your apartment will be ready for occupancy from 2 p.m. onwards.

When do I need to check out?

By 11 am. If you’d like to have a more leisurely morning, you can agree a later checkout time with us.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card?

Yes. We are very happy to accept reservations without credit cards. The best thing to do is simply to call us or write us an email to reserve a room.

In Case of Emergency

Help! I have a problem, or I can’t get into my apartment! What should I do?

In the event of an emergency, please call +43 3152 77 03 77, which is staffed 24 hours a day.

Food and Drink

Does the Quartier am Bauernstadl have a restaurant?

No, the Quartier am Bauernstadl does not have its own restaurant. However, we will be happy to put together dishes or snack boxes for you. Find out more about this in the fine food section.

Does the Quartier am Bauernstadl provide breakfast?

Of course – all the best days start with a good breakfast. We offer you several breakfast options, which you can order either when you book or during your stay. Find out more about this in the fine food section.

Where can I find good food?

We will be happy to provide you with some indulgent regional specialities, directly from the Bauernstadl Regionalmarkt. Have a browse through the fine food section of our website. We have also put together a few tips for you in the Region section. And you’re sure to strike it lucky in one of Feldbach’s many restaurants.

About your stay

Do you welcome children?

Of course. We’re very happy to welcome children. Simply indicate whether you’re bringing any children when you make your booking. Every apartment has a foldout sofa – and we will also be happy to provide you with a cot.

Are pets allowed?

Of course you can also bring your dog. But please let us know beforehand.

Is smoking permitted?

If you wish to smoke, we would ask you to do so outside the building, even if you’re using an e-cigarette.

Does the Quartier am Bauernstadl have WiFi?

Of course – and moreover, the fastest internet we could find: we have fibreoptic cables providing 300 Mbit/s.

Does the Quartier am Bauernstadl have an inhouse laundry and ironing service?

We don’t have an inhouse laundry and ironing service – but there is one about two minutes away on foot. We will be happy to assist you with this.

How do I rent a bike?

The Vulkanland region might have been made for extended bicycle tours. Let us know if you would like to rent a bike. We will be happy to arrange one for you – or an ebike, if you’d like to take a more leisurely look at the landscape.

About the Bauernstadl

When does the Bauernstadl Regionalmarkt open?

The Bauernstadl Regionalmarkt is open Monday to Friday from 8 am and 6 pm, and on Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm. The Bauernstadl wine cellar is open until 7 pm on weekdays.

Where can I buy souvenirs for my friends and family?

In the Bauernstadl, of course! We have a wonderful selection of regional specialities that will delight your loved ones!